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Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.’s (B&W PGG) CEMSCAN continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) packages include the latest technology for reliable sample extraction, condition and measurement in addition to complete support services

System features include:

  • Modular design that dramatically reduces manufacturing time and accelerates delivery at a competitive price
  • Controller push technology to automatically generate emails or texts on system conditions (new models)
  • Optimized sampling technology as defined by expert assessment of monitoring needs for accurate, consistent measurements
  • Comprehensive expansion and upgrade options

Revolutionary CEMSCAN RS Model

B&W PGG’s latest model, the CEMSCAN RS system, is an affordable solution designed to replace aging or high maintenance systems and provide smart push technology.

As a key component of this new system, the CEMSCAN controller centralizes CEMS-related data and automatically generates diagnostic and troubleshooting notes through emails and text messages. This proactive functionality helps users detect and correct conditions sooner, reducing the number of reportable issues. As a result, less data is brought into the data acquisition and handling system (DAHS) and overall system availability is improved.

The pre-assembled CEMSCAN RS system is shipped directly to site ready for commissioning in a day or less.

  • System terminations are accessible on top of rack for easy coupling
  • Data loggers or programmable logic controllers (PLCs) can be installed prior to delivery or on-site
  • Pre-assembled pigtails can be installed to simplify extending or transitioning wiring

Total package solutions

Whether you need a highly customized or standard system, our experienced designers can provide a high quality, optimized solution to meet your needs. B&W PGG offers a variety of CEMSCAN system packages and

service options to streamline your ordering experience, including:

Quality components for high reliability

Selected for optimum cost and dependable operation, our CEMSCAN system components provide you with

reliable performance.

Customized technology

The condition of your process gas stream or application will help determine the type of system that best meets your needs. Experienced service technicians will perform an analysis of the gas stream to determine the best sampling technology based on cost and maintenance considerations.

Depending on your permit or process, we provide signals to monitor, report and control your process.

The CEMSCAN system uses analyzer technologies (paramagnetic, ultra violet, chemiluminescent, NDIR,

FTIR, laser TDL and flame ionization detectors) to measure parameters such as:

  • NOX, CO, O2
  • CO2, SO2, HCl
  • VOC, Hg
  • Flow, temperature, pressure
  • Opacity, particulate and more

Shelter systems

B&W PGG offers simple panel mounted, rack mounted and full shelter systems. Typical shelter sizes include 8x8 or 8x10 ft (2.4x2.4 or 2.4x3 m). Larger unit sizes range from 12x24 ft (3.7x7.3 m) to larger. Typical shelter materials include aluminum or steel skin, but fiberglass and concrete are also available. Units can be configured for shipping within export shipping containers.

Project management

Dedicated project managers are assigned to provide seamless execution of your critical project milestones. A full complement of support services are available to provide you with a leading edge product and a platform for successful product and project implementation

Service, startup and certification

Experienced field service engineers confirm that equipment has been installed properly and is

successfully launched through startup and certification testing, including relative accuracy and testing audits. Our field service engineers and certified local providers are available throughout the U.S. to provide timely response to any CEMS or DAHS need, including:

  • Customized service programs for ongoing emissions monitoring services, parts management and annual certification testing
  • Quarterly or regularly scheduled, and emergency site visits with field service engineers
  • Timely access to spare parts when you need them

Value-added benefits

It can be challenging to select the best supplier to help you meet your emissions monitoring requirements. Through our KVB-Enertec™ emissions monitoring integration solutions, B&W PGG draws upon more than

30 years of innovative CEMS and DAHS technology and industry stakeholder collaborations to provide full life-cycle solutions. As a pioneer in the monitoring and regulatory compliance industry, we have designed

and supplied quick turnaround emissions monitoring systems for virtually every air emission application and industry. Long-standing vendor relationships allow us to provide cost-effective and highly reliable, customized solutions based on your monitoring specifications.

From project management, installation and startup, to maintenance and support services and replacement parts, we are committed to helping you reliably gather and report plant air quality data.

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