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Precipitator Manager Software

Our continued effort to enhance your plant systems requires us to adapt as technology evolves. In keeping with this strategy, Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc. (B&W) introduces the next generation of precipitator control system software. Precipitator Manager™ software provides a simplified solution for precipitator operation by packaging multiple applications together. Using just one program, you will now be able to monitor and control your voltage controls, rappers, analog and digital I/O, and more. Based on our existing software catalog, Precipitator Manager software is designed for the security and speed of our Ethernet-connected devices. Although new and improved from the ground up, it retains many of the familiar features upon which you depend.

New software infrastructure

B&W’s Precipitator Manager software introduces two significant enhancements: modular design and servicebased programs. Precipitator Manager software is comprised of a standard module and several optional modules, all designed specifically to work within the same framework. This modular structure offers several


• More seamless and conflict-free operation

• The convenience of a single interface and centralized data storage

• Easy upgrades; plug in new modules as your needs change 

The new service-based platform provides greater overall system security. The Precipitator Manager software base module includes multiple executables, some of which run as system services. These services run in a very high-security environment within the operating system; they cannot interact with the main desktop, and they cannot be directly controlled by a userinitiated program. This means that they are less likely to be accessed or shut down without proper authorization.

Base module

The Precipitator Manager software base module consists of a series of sub-programs that workcooperatively. Together, they support all of the optionalmodules and perform all of the fundamental software tasks, including:

• Communications

• Data collection and backup

• Security

• Graphic display configuration

The base module also includes an external I/O manager, so you get built-in OPC client/server functionality. This enables you to obtain and use data from external OPC servers, and share system data with external OPC clients. Advanced features allow the software to initiate certain actions automatically (schedule and triggered events)based on the status of an external I/O data point. The Precipitator Manager software main interface is the hub of all precipitator activity. Its multi-tabbed format allows you to view and hide both standard and custom display tab types, giving you quick access to the real-time data you need. WinDAC® module The optional WinDAC® module provides monitoring and control capabilities for B&W’s suite of SQ-300®i  automatic voltage controls (AVC), as well as the NWL PowerPlus™ power supply controls. Anchored by pre-defined tabs, this module offers a variety of control viewing options, including a list of controls, a controlspecific dashboard, or the custom overhead display.

Advanced data analysis and system optimization tools include:

• Trending, command history and alarm log

• V-I curves and on-board oscilloscope

• Energy management

• Scheduled and triggered AVC events

WinRAP® module The optional WinRAP® module supports B&W’s new generation PRC-100® programmable rapper controls. Two pre-defined tabs allow you to easily focus on operation at the hardware or program level. Specialized features simplify your work and promote efficient rapping, including:

• Quick and easy maintenance firing feature

• Reduced power rapping

• Scheduled and triggered rapper events

Additional modules

We are currently developing other modules that target other precipitator functions commonly found in various industries and processes. Each new module will be configured for worry-free integration into the Precipitator Manager software infrastructure. Consult with your B&W representative for an updated list of available modules.