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Sq-300i Automatic Voltage Hybrid Control

Proven electrostatic precipitator solution

TO help keep your electrostatic precipitator(ESP) functioning at peak performance, babcock & group, inc. (B&W PGG) provides innovative precipitator systems, mechanical and electrical components, controls and software

New AVC design For improved performance and efficiency

B&W PGG's SQ-300i automatic voltage controller (AVC) is a redesign of our original SQ_300 model that has a reputation for optimizing ESP performance and collection efficiency in many worldwide industry applications.

Serving as an integral component of the precipitator control system, the SQ-300•i AVC simultaneously controls the precipitator, analyzes alarms, and interfaces with computer-based data acquisition software.

With its improved speed and process capability, the SQ-300"i controller can replace old or unreliable equipment and help maintain compliance with today's governmental emissions reporting requirements. In addition,

this versatile AVC is an ideal complement to an ESP upgrade for generating information that is

critical to analyzing and improving precipitator performance.

Advanced and AVC capabilities

  • On-board five-trace oscilloscope permits triggering on events, such as sparking.
  • closed, users benefit from arcflash protection and improved and personnel safety
  • Increased system flexibility provides operational benefits. Optional operator interface with large, color touch screen provides quick system access for simplified operation and system monitoring including VI curve, history and alarm log generation. Cost-effective, flexible design allows for simple or elaborate configuration. On-board data storage capacity for up to one year of data. No EEPROMs are required. Enhancements, troubleshooting and upgrades can be performed on-line and remotely from our diagnostic center.

Solid industry reputation

The SQ line of automatic voltage controls uses an advanced, patented spark response algorithm for higher performance, increases efficiency and improved emissions collection.

  • The SQ-300i controller delivers the latest available technology and features, while maintaining
  • the same high quality and benefits of its predecessors, the SQ-200
  • and SQ-300 controllers. Features include:
  • Improved connectivity that interfaces with customer data acquisition systems, including Windows 7 operating system.
  • software
  • Increased average power delivered to the field through the patented automated tuning of setback and spark rate, resulting in higher collection efficiency.
  • Obtains power quality analysis utilizing on-board waveform analysis.
  • On-board generation of VI curves
  • Monitors key operations of the T/R and precipitator field operation.

Optional equipment

  • Color touch screen operator interface for quick system access simplifies operation and enables system monitoring.
  • Digital and/or analog input and output modules handle control of tumbling hammers, acoustic horns, and the import and export of analog or digital data.
  • Utilizes Modbus TCP/IP communications which allow direct communication with the SQ-300•i controller from the DCS system
  • Conformal coating on PCBs for protection
  • Configurable to unique IP address and subnet mask
  • MET, CMET, CE certified
  • No hardware or software potentiometers for calibration
  • Back corona control logic
  • Intermittent energization capable
  • Control tumbling hammer rappers and perform POR
  • Ability to provide digital and analog inputs/outputs
  • Local viewing of real time and historical electrical and alarm history, waveforms, VI curves and short trends
  • Ability to interface with other B&W PGG software programs and plant systems to provide a unique precipitator control package
  • Simple installation

Improved collection efficiency and reliability

By providing a patented quick spark response algorithm, the SQ-300i controller allows for the maximum power level application to the ESP regardless of operating conditions.

Energy Saving

By monitoring process parameters and outlet particulate emissions, the SQ-300i AVC can deliver reduced power consumption while managing outlet emissions.