About ABHA Electromech Pvt. Ltd.

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HSSE Policy Statement:

This policy statement incorporates the commitment of ABHA Groups Consortium. It covers all activities of our staff personal and subcontractors; it is aligned with all consortium partners policies and the expectations of HSSE management system. All HSSE issued will be considered in all business and decision making process. The policy will be endorsed by ABHA management, and displayed at all locations where our business will be conducted.

Though the implementation of our HSSE management system, the ABHA management will:

  • Prevent accidents resulting from our activities.
  • Access and manage the risk which may arise from our activities for people, assets or environment.
  • Preserve our employees’ physical integrity and preserve the environment.
  • Meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of national/International laws.
  • Report our performance against HSSE objectives and targets to company.
  • Support a STOP the work initiative without any prejudice.

The ABHA management will provide all the resources necessary to employ competent personal, carry out training not only to raise their HSSE awareness but also to encourage every employee to adopt it into ‘heart and mind’.

Legal Compliance:

We strongly comply with the statutory laws. We always stay with legal consultation to ensure adherence of strong legal compliances.